A Special Gift Shop in Fort Worth

Created with a Love for Things that Add Joy to a Woman’s Life

It’s about a woman and how the “little things” make a big statement about her life. She takes care of her family, friends, community and pets…with style!

Prim & Proper is a gift boutique for women with traditional sensibilities towards family, friends and community…and a hint of modern taste and style.

A Special Place

As soon as you step inside, you know you’ll find something special for a woman who appreciates a unique necklace, an interesting bracelet, or an accessory designed for someone who appreciates beautiful things. Especially if it’s from someone who selected it just for them.

But it’s more than just women’s accessories.  You’ll find bath and body items that make great gifts.  Like French milled soaps or body lotions.

Looking for a nice baby gift?  You’ll find it.  And with the gift wrapping service, you’ll make your gift special for them…and convenient for you!

There’s lots more of course, like gift candles, items that can be personalized with a monogram, or even gifts any man would enjoy.

Almost forgot, the collection of greeting cards for all occasions make your visit complete.  the perfect gift, wrapped and with a wonderful card..all at one, cute, convenient gift store in Fort Worth.

Love and Vision

So many different things, every one certain to make the person you’re shopping for feel very special and make you’re gift very appreciated.  Instead of stopping at one of the usual department stores, you went to special gift shop where you found things not available at the mall or the biggest store in Fort Worth.

A gift boutique in a cute little shop in Fort Worth, on West 7th Street next to Adair Eyewear, doesn’t happen by accident.  Every item is carefully selected by Melanie Jones. with a love for special things and a vision for creating a gift shop in Fort Worth for women, and men shopping for women.

Instinct, Experience and Education

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