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We’re Easy to Find!

For those who know their way around town:

Know where Montgomery dead ends into 7th Street?
We’re right there! Across the street and up a little from the Chicotsky’s Shopping Center (remember the old Zuider Zee restaurant?) on 7th Street.

From the 7th Street area where all the restaurants are

…In ‘N Out Burger, Montgomery Plaza…

  • Go west through the big intersection at University, Camp Bowie and 7th Street
  • C0ntinue up 7th Street about a mile
  • We’re on the right…next door to Adair Eyewear


From I-30

  • Exit at Montgomery
  • Go North…past the Will Rogers buildings and Museums on the right
  • Go straight accross the intersection at Camp Bowie, continuing on Montgomery
  • Go past the hospital on the right and left (you’re still on Montgomery)
  • You’ll dead end into 7th Street.   We’re just across the intersection, a little to the right.
  • Next door to Adair Eyewear.


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