Gift Wrapping Services – Fort Worth

Gift Wrapping Services in Fort Worth

Convenient For You and Special For Them

You’ve shopped long and hard to find just the right gift for someone (actually, it was easy if you came to Prim & Proper!) and now you face the big question:

“How am I going to wrap it?”

You could look in the closet and dig out a roll of paper, hope there’s enough and that it hasn’t been crushed under the other stuff.  Or you could just find a gift bag you kept and recycle it.  Convenient for you…not very special for your gift recipient!

prim gift wrapWell, that’s where we come in.  Our gift wrapping services are here for you.  Even if you didn’t buy it here, we’ll wrap it for you.  It’s super convenient for you…and they’ll love it!

But it’s more than just convenience.  Giving your gift the finishing touch is as important as buying the gift itself.  Make it look beautiful, like you didn’t just do it as an after thought, as many people do, and you will make them feel very special.  And that’s the point, right?

Our customers love buying wedding and baby shower gifts, birthday presents and gifts for other occasions here at our gift shop in Fort Worth, and they really appreciate our gift wrapping services to make their present something their friend will never forget.

Our gift wrapping service is convenient for you…and extra special for them!

PS:  You can bring in a gift you bought somewhere else, too.  We’ll custom gift wrap it for you…and won’t even make you feel bad for not getting it here!  🙂


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