Gift Books Make Great Presents

Available at Prim & Proper Gift Shop in Fort Worth

Garden_AnywhereGift books and coffee table books, casually displayed in dens, living rooms, bed rooms…even bathrooms, make great gifts.  They can be about anything.  Some types of gift books, and there are thousands, are botanical, cooking, travel, decorating, animals, fish and on and on.

We love Chronicle books.  They publish all kinds of great looking coffee table books and gift books that are filled with wonderful pictures and interesting content.  We always have several in our gift shop in Fort Worth to choose from.

When someone needs a gift but doesn’t know what the person they’re shopping for would like, we often receommend a gift book.  It’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful botanical book, for instance.  People enjoy looking at them but they don’t buy them for themselves.  So when you give one to someone you care about, they’ll think of you every time they see the gift book lying on the coffee table.

Come by our gift shop on West 7th Street and have look.  You’ll find one that’s perfect for whoever you’re shopping for.  And don’t forget, we can gift wrap if for you, too!


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