Greeting Cards

Let Them Know How You Feel

Our Greeting Cards Will Say It For You!

Prim and Proper is not only a gift shop, it’s also a greeting card shop in Fort Worth. Our greeting cards are perfect for telling the person you care about how you feel for special occasions.

Our customers like them because they’re such a nice alternative to the large racks of cards you find at the big card stores. Sometimes you want a simple, well phrased sentiment for an occasion like a wedding gift, a baby shower or maybe just a present for someone you care about.

Since our customers often come to us for wedding, baby, personal gifts and other occasions, we select our greeting cards to fit nicely with them. That means they’re warm in tone, simple in design and just right for completing a wonderful present.

While there are many greeting card shops in Fort Worth, and many gift shops that sell cards, Prim and Proper offers greeting cards selected specifically to appeal to women. Think of us as your greeting card shop in Fort Worth when you need a nice, beautiful card for her. She’ll love it!


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